Nickell Video Productions


VHS Tape to DVD Transfers

Your VHS tapes are only getting older.  The older they get, the worse they will look until eventually, there won't be anything left to watch.  Get your VHS tapes transferred over to a digital DVD.  Don't let those precious memories fade away.

Web Video

Do you want to spice up your web site?  Do you need to add an introduction to your home page?  Would it be helpful to add instructions about your product or show ioff your product on your web page?  Nickell Video can help you with your project.  Let nickell video help you develop your script, capture your production, then creatively edit and produce your project into any format you may need. 

Training Video

Whether you are a large or small company, let Nickell Video help you create or update your training videos.  Reduce the time and manpower it takes to train new  employees.

Sales Video

Need a great sales tool?  Let Nickell Video help you create a video that shows off your company to potential clients.  Give your sales staff the perfect tool to show off the company they work for.

Flash Video

Need a Flash Intro or video of your product for a Web Site?  Let Nickell Video help you create the perfect video clip for your site.  Video, graphics, voice, effects, and music can be combined to make your product come alive.

Wedding Video

This is the best time to schedule your wedding video.  Do it early before your special date is taken.  Consider telling your 'love story' of how you met, what you were thinking, things you did together, when he proposed, how you felt, add it all to make a lifetime keepsake of your wedding and all that led up to it.

Family Documentary

Have you ever wanted to make a family documentary?  Now is a great time.  Use your photos, film and videos you've taken over the years and let Nickell Video edit them into your special story.

Event Video

School presentation, drama, stage performance, athletic event, team showcase?  Let Nickell Video help you produce a professional recording of your event.  We will capture the event at your location, add any extra video and / or still pictures, add narration, custom create a DVD and duplicate any quantity.  Whether you have a big budget or its a fundraiser, we can help you document your event.


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